What Are the Best Ways To Serve Your Family?

What are the best ways to serve your family?

Our family should be one of our top priorities. Despite the busyness of our schedule, we need to make time to serve them in whatever ways we can. But how can we strengthen our relationship with them and add value to each one despite the things we need to do? How can we serve them? Here are some of the best ways that you can do to serve your family:


Serve Them By Being Present.

Serve Them By Being Present.

As much as possible, prioritize being with your family. Sometimes, we tend just to do things for our loved ones. Occasionally, we become too caught up with our responsibilities in the family. We are too busy doing the chores or providing for all the family’s needs, yet we miss out on what’s important, and that’s being present with them.

What your family truly needs is YOU. Doing things for them is appreciated and necessary, but your family needs your presence in their lives more than your service. And the best way to serve them is by making yourself available for them.


Choose To Spend Time With Them.

Choose To Spend Time With Them.

Sometimes, we get too caught up in doing many things, often the things we love doing. Doing our hobbies, playing our favorite sports, hanging out with friends, and many other things bring us joy. We spend hours doing these things that we love. However, to best serve our family, sometimes we need to turn down these things that we love doing to choose those matters.

By choosing to spend time with them or to do something for them rather than doing those things that you love the most, you are communicating to them that they are your top priority. Remember that the most authentic demonstration of love is giving up something you love for someone you love more. So, remember always to choose them— your family. 


Appreciate the Little Things.

Appreciate the Little Things.

Often, the little and mundane things at home aren’t celebrated. Since your wife is expected to do the laundry or to cook dinner, these things become so normal that you begin to fail to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts put into it. Your kids are expected to wash the dishes or help out in doing the chores, but why not appreciate them for doing so? Your husband is expected to pick up the kids from school, but why not verbally say that you appreciate him for the efforts that he put in to do that? 

Make those little things matter–celebrate and appreciate them. You serve your family and add value to each one for the mundane things they are doing. 


Key Takeaway

There are so many ways to serve our family and make them feel that you love them. It is up to you to serve them and make your family the best people for you.

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