Home Inspections FAQs

FAQs. The Inspection Boys has prepared a five-minute video about home inspection for all real estate agents and clients. Also, in this video, we did a  walkthrough regarding what’s a home inspection and what are the other things that are not included in it. Particularly, it is to help people to get a better understanding of what home inspection is all about.    This walkthrough video is to answer all questions that are in the minds of people who are curious about the home inspection or to help remove the misconceptions that they have. It is always great to have a better understanding of things, right? Especially if it is about home inspection.    This video is helpful and informative for all who want to know more about the home inspection services of The Inspection Boys. It is guaranteed that you will have fun and learn a lot from this video of The Inspection Boys.   So here is the video, go check it out:
Thank you for watching the video! We hope that you had fun and learned a lot from the video. It is our greatest joy to serve all real estate agents and clients in whatever way we can. This video is our way of serving all of the real estate agents and clients out there.    Lastly, are you interested in our home inspection services? We can talk about it over the phone. We will be glad to answer all of the questions and queries you have. Thus, we are looking forward to serving you with our home inspection services.    Here’s the phone number of The Inspection Boys: (516) 591-3262   

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