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Finally Reached 200 Google Reviews

Finally Reached 200 Reviews on Google Review

All businesses always value reviews because it serves as a roadmap to see where they are as a business. Thus, it helps companies to evaluate the products and services they offer. For that reason,  The Inspection Boys also value every review we receive from our clients, whether it’s good or bad.    As one of […]


Best of LI

Three months ago, The Inspection Boys, was recognized by the Franchise Connect Magazine as one of the best in Home Services Franchise. And now, another honor and privilege are given to The Inspection Boys after being nominated in the Bethpage Best of Long Island for Home Inspection Companies. Words are not enough to express how […]

Home Inspections FAQs

The Inspection Boys has prepared a five-minute video about home inspection for all real estate agents and clients. Also, in this video, we did a  walkthrough regarding what’s a home inspection and what are the other things that are not included in it. Particularly, it is to help people to get a better understanding of […]

Google Reviews: The Inspection Boys (Nassau)

Google Reviews: The Inspection Boys

Reviews are always part of businesses to know the pulse of customers who availed your products and services. It is one way to evaluate your products and services’ status and to know whether the feedback is positive or negative. As a business owner, you will know what you need to continue if you are receiving […]

July 2020 Home Maintenance Tips!

The Inspection Boys of Nassau are preparing for the month of July as well as Fourth of July Weekend and we are here to give you some tips and tricks for your backyard and home for the holiday weekend! During this time, it is a good idea to check your home inside and out for […]

The National Pest Management Association Wood Destroying Organism Update From The Inspection Boys

In July 2019, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) released a newly updated NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Form. The HUD Mortgage letter 2005-ML-48 demands that wood destroying insect inspections must have the proper documentation of existing property if any of the following circumstances apply: Customary to the Area: Generally, if your locality is not […]

June 2020 Home Maintenance Checklist!

The Inspection Boys of Nassau are ready for the month of June! During this time, it is a good idea to check your home inside and out for any repairs/maintenance that needs to be done! Some things you can check around your home is: Check your AC Units. If you are using it for the […]

The Inspection Boys Live Interview With The Handsome Home Buyer, AKA Charles Weinraub, Long Island’s Largest Investor and Flipper!

It is another excellent interview video with Charles Weinraub, The Handsome Buyer, and a Long Island’s largest investor and flipper, brought to you by The Inspection Boys. In this video, Charles shared that he just recently finished his master’s degree. Charles has the heart of just growing, learning, and improving because for him every day […]

The Inspection Boys Interview With Rajin Ramdeholl Of Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers!

Hi everyone!    Going through a crisis forces everyone to make a shift from what was once normal into something new. It leaves us with no choice but to adhere to the strict protocol set before us despite the difficulties it brings us. Just like what’s happening in our world today–the COVID crisis, everyone is […]

The Inspection Boys Talking Real Estate with Chris Reimers of Keller Williams!

Greetings to everyone! In the midst of the crisis, all sectors of society in the world are now adjusting to the new normal. From the business sector down to the health sector, and many other sectors of society, no one is exempted from the adjustments that we are facing. It may be a daunting task […]

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