Home Organization Tips That You Need to Know

Having a well-organized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing home is something that we all want to achieve. However, it requires a lot of time and having the right storage supplies to create a harmonious aesthetic.   Whether it is holiday decorations, children’s toys, winter clothes, or legal documents, storage that’s out of the way yet accessible […]

Everything You Need to Know About Roof Inspection

The roof is one of the most essential parts of your home. It protects your family from extreme temperatures, harsh weather, and pesky critters. Despite its importance, sometimes the roof is neglected. We often forget that it is vulnerable to different elements, and its shape needs to be checked. To keep your roof in fighting […]

Must-Know Home Inspection Tips for Buyers This June 2022

When buying a home, a home inspection is a must before closing the deal. The property may have hidden issues that can cause you problems in the future if not acted on immediately. A home inspection is a critical part of your home buying journey. Yes, it could reveal more than a few defects, but […]

How To Deal With Asbestos at Home?

  Asbestos was once widely used in construction materials because of its properties: heat resistance, strength, and affordability. It is used in creating different types of building and insulation materials because of these properties. Asbestos has promising properties but despite these sound characteristics, asbestos is without a doubt harmful for you and your family.   […]

What’s Trending in Kitchens for 2022?

The kitchen is the focal point of the home especially during the pandemic because it  is where family and loved ones always gather and bond together. This is where work, entertainment, and of course cooking happens. Homeowners are putting more into their kitchen space nowadays. Refrigerators are larger, most kitchens now have ovens, freezers, and […]

Five Reasons You Need to Pressure Wash Your Home

Pressure wash

Over time, your home’s exterior is exposed to different elements such as the sun, wind, dirt, birds, insects, smoke, pollutants, and car exhaust. These harsh elements contribute to your home’s soiling, discoloration, and damage. One of the most effective ways to clean your home’s exterior is power washing.   Power washing can be costly and […]

What Types of Home Inspections Can a Buyer Get?


A general home inspection helps look for signs of damage and defects. However, specialized home inspections can help you look further into those signs. A specialized home inspection can help you investigate further and fully diagnose the problem spotted during the general home inspection. For example, the inspector might see signs and evidence of wood […]

Five Biggest Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid

TIB Home inspection mistakes

A home inspection is important for home buyers because it allows them to have a professional inspector evaluate the home they plan to buy. It is usually done before purchasing a home to assess its condition professionally.  On the other hand, sellers opt to have a home inspection completed before listing their home for sale.  […]

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