Naca No Down Payment Program

No down payment  No closing costs

No points or fees No credit score consideration

Below market 30-yr & 15-yr fixed rate

Visit Naca Testimonials here as well to check out what others think about the program

Some of the great benefits is even if you aren’t ready to purchase a home this moment, a Naca Counselor will meet with you and guide you on how to properly save for a house and what steps are needed in order to achieve the goal of purchasing a home through NACA. Visit the 10 Steps website Naca has here.

This is a excellent 1st buyers program and you can also combine 1st home buyers grants.

If you are buying a house first time this is a excellent program to help as there is NO Down payments OR Closing cost!

We highly recommend you researching the NACA Program more!

When going through the NACA program and once you are ready to put an offer with a Approved Agent through NACA you will then need to schedule a home inspection with a NACA approved Home Inspection company. Naca Home Inspections are different than most as the buyer is required to be present for the home inspection. Here at The Inspection Boys we are NACA Home Inspectors, experienced and qualified to do Naca Home Inspections. Contact us to schedule you Naca Home Inspection at 516-591-3262, don’t forget to mention when calling that you are with NACA as they require the Naca Home Inspections to be done differently and additional requirements than a regular home inspection