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Naca No Down Payment Program

No down payment  No closing costs

No points or fees No credit score consideration

Below market 30-yr & 15-yr fixed rate

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Did you know that Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), a non-profit community homeownership advocacy organization, can help interested homebuyers purchase their desired houses? The NACA Program is one thing you must know if you will go on a home purchasing journey. NACA is not the lender, but works with participating lenders to help those who have limited funds and challenging credit profiles towards owning a home.

However, if you aren’t ready to purchase a home at this moment but you desire to do so in the future, a NACA Counselor will meet with you and guide you on how to save for a house properly and what steps are needed to achieve the goal of purchasing a home through NACA. To know more about the ten steps to homeownership through their website here.

Aside from that, the NACA mortgage program includes no required down payment, no closing costs or private mortgage insurance (PMI), a low mortgage rate, and non-traditional borrower qualification requirements as crucial benefits. However, its potential downsides include a lengthy and extensive mortgage process, a financial reserve requirement, property price limits, and property location limits.

If you are buying a house the first time, this is an excellent program to help as there are no down payments or closing costs! This is a perfect 1st buyers program, and you can also combine 1st home buyers grants. We highly recommend you to research more on the NACA Program!

When going through the NACA program and once you are ready to put an offer with an Approved Agent through NACA, you will then need to schedule a home inspection with a NACA approved Home Inspection company. NACA Home Inspections are different from most as the buyer must be present for the home inspection. Here at The Inspection Boys, we are NACA Home Inspectors, experienced and qualified to do NACA Home Inspections. Contact us to schedule your NACA Home Inspection at 516-591-3262, don’t forget to mention when calling that you are with NACA as they require the NACA Home Inspections to be done differently and additional requirements than a regular home inspection