How To Fix Those Annoying Gurgles In Your Bathroom Sink

Ever heard a gurgling noise coming from your bathroom sink? It’s annoying, but luckily it’s an easy fix. A gurgling bathroom sink is usually caused by a clogged drain. Read on to learn how to get rid of those irritating noises and get back to enjoying your bathroom in peace! 

Find Out Why

The first step is to find out why the drain is clogged. There are a lot of reasons why the drain could clog. During a shower, hair is pulled down the drain and into the pipes which can later on drown if not cleaned. If you suspect that the gurgling noise coming from your bathroom sink is due to hair, try using a plunger first. Put the plunger cup over the mouth of the sink drain and plunge several times with steady pressure. This should clear up any blockages and allow water to flow freely again. 

If plunging doesn’t help, you may need to use something more powerful like a chemical cleaner or an auger snake. Chemical cleaners are available at most hardware stores and can be used according to the instructions on the package. Auger snakes are also great for clearing blocked drains and are especially helpful if the blockage is further down in the pipes. You can buy an auger snake at most hardware stores, or rent one from your local home improvement center. 

Aside from hair, common causes of bathroom sink clogging soap scum, hygiene and grooming products, oil or grease. You can also check if there are any damages in the pipes. By knowing the reason why your sink clogs, it is easier to find a solution, thus eventually getting rid of those annoying gurgles.

Hot Water Works Like Magic

Once you have cleared away any blockages, run hot water through the drain for several minutes to ensure everything is flowing freely. Hot water will help dissolve any remaining residue that may be blocking the pipes or causing clogs elsewhere in your plumbing system. 

Time to Leave it to the Professionals

Again, it’s also important to regularly inspect your drains for signs of wear and tear which can lead to clogs and other problems down the line if not addressed quickly enough! You can definitely do it yourself, however, there are damages that are hard to fix on your own. There are also causes of the clogging that are hard to identify that is why it is best to leave it to the professionals. It is also important to have regular maintenance to avoid much bigger plumbing issues. Call The Inspection Boys now and let us help you with your plumbing problems!


Gurgling bathroom sinks are annoying, but they don’t have to ruin your day. By following these simple steps you can quickly identify and fix any clogs that may be causing those irritating gurgles in your bathroom sink. Don’t forget that regular maintenance is key so make sure you frequently check all of your plumbing fixtures for signs of wear and tear! With these tips, you can enjoy a peaceful bathroom free from gurgles! If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, or if the issue persists after you’ve tried to fix it, give The Inspection Boys a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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