Tips in Ensuring Your Roof Is in Good Repair

roof repair
Ensuring that your roof is in good condition should be a priority, mainly if you are located in areas with harsh winter weather. Roof repair can be costly but is undoubtedly a worth it financial commitment because bad roof conditions can cause much more significant issues in the long run. A small leak can worsen and may lead to your roof collapsing in no time.   The roof can obtain damage as time goes by, mainly because of the weather changes. However, you can extend your roof’s life by checking on these common roof problems and resolving them quickly once spotted:  


During the winter season, snow can melt and refreeze. Eventually, it will act as a wedge under shingles or behind flashings.  Once the weather warms up, these ice wedges formed under shingles and behind flashings will begin to melt and can leak through your roof. This is why it is vital to keep an eye on your roof, especially during those seasons. You better be mindful of lifted edges or portions of your roof to which the water could penetrate.  

Broken Gutter

Gutters are an essential part of your roofing system, so be sure to check on them constantly. Failing to repair or replace the gutters can be very stressful, especially after a big rainstorm. Gutters are supposed to divert water away from your home, and when gutters are not correctly attached or are broken, they cannot do their primary job. This can cause severe flooding and can lead to more significant property damage.  

Dislodged Downspout

Water can flow directly around the foundation of your home when downspouts become displaced. This can be a severe problem because the water can saturate your foundation and can leak to your basement if not given immediate attention. The foundation can crack, and mold can grow if you continue to ignore those water leakages. This is why it is crucial to constantly check on your downspout to ensure that they aren’t dislodged and are in good condition.  

Chimney Disrepair

Your home’s chimney can deteriorate over time. This is common, especially in old houses, but it can certainly happen at any age. Leaking is one of the most common issues for chimney deterioration. As time goes by, your chimney can develop cracks, especially in the crown. Snow and ice can build up on your chimney during the winter, and as the weather gets warmer, those piles of snow and ice will slowly melt. The water will eventually run down those cracks as the snow melts during the day. During the night, the water refreezes, and as it expands, it pushes the mortar and the bricks apart. As it continues to recur, it can cause your roof to leak or, worse, ultimately fall off your house.  

Animal Housing

Those loose flashings, rotten fascia boards, and dormant chimneys can make an ideal home for animals such as raccoons, squirrels, birds, bats, and wasps. They can cause more destruction to your roof if left unmanaged. So if you hear recurring on and in your roof or walls, that may be a sign that you have some unwanted guests living with you. It is wise to call a wildlife removal company to remove these unwanted guests from your home safely.   

Key Takeaway

Make sure that your roof is in good repair and watch out for potential issues that may unveil. That’s why getting a roof inspection is important to see how’s the status of your roof.

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