What to Expect During a Termite Inspection

If you own a home, the chances are good that you are familiar with termites. If you do nothing to stop them, these little pests can do a lot of harm to your house if they are allowed to. Regular termite inspections are the most effective means of defending your home against termites and ensuring that they do not infest it. So what kind of things can you anticipate happening during a termite inspection? Let’s have a peek.

The Basics of Termite Inspections 

An inspector will visit your property to conduct a termite inspection, during which they will search for indications of an active infestation or damage caused by termites. They will look around the outside and inside of your home for any signs that could point to an issue that is already there as well as any prospective trouble spots that could lead to problems in the future. This involves looking for termite damage in the form of holes in the wood, paint that has crumbled, discolored walls, sinking floors, and any other structural difficulties that may have been brought on by an infestation. In order for the inspector to more accurately identify any issues with the structure of your home, he or she may also make use of specialist equipment such as moisture meters and borescopes.

Preparing Your Home for an Inspection 

Before the arrival of the inspector, there are a few procedures you need to do to ensure that they will be able to perform their duties in an appropriate and efficient manner. It is important to make sure that the inspector has easy access to all sections of the house and yard, so you should remove any obstructions, such as debris or clutter, that may be in the way. You should also move furniture away from walls if it is possible to do so. This will allow the inspectors to more easily inspect behind the furniture for any evidence of damage or infestation. Last but not least, you should make sure that the windows are open so that the inspector can easily reach all areas of your home without having to go into each room separately.

After the Inspection    

After the inspection is over, the inspector will present you with a summary of their findings as well as any suggestions for any action that may be required. They may even propose hiring a professional exterminator or making further repairs on certain portions of your home in order to prevent future infestations and damage from occurring again. This recommendation will depend on the severity of any potential problems that they find. If the inspection does not turn up any severe problems, then all you need to do to protect your home from termites is have it inspected on a regular basis afterward.

Key Takeaway

In order to keep termites from infesting your home, you should get it inspected on a regular basi by experts like The Inspection Boys. This will allow you to spot any possible issues early on, before they become too serious or expensive to treat or repair. When the time comes for your own termite inspection, if you are prepared for what you should anticipate during the process, you will be able to ensure that everything goes without a hitch. Following these precautions will not only help to protect your home from these annoying pests, but it will also save you time, money, and frustration in the long run! If you need any home inspection services—talk to us.

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