How to organize your fridge?

How to organize your fridge?
The fridge can be one of everyone’s favorite appliances at home because it is where all the food and drinks are placed. However, it can be so cluttered because a lot of food and drinks are stored there.  It’s important to keep it clutter-free and, most especially clean, because what you put in it are the ones that you are taking in. How can the fridge be more organized and how can I keep it clean?   

Place the food and drinks where they belong.

This is the first thing that one must take note of to keep your fridge from cluttering. It is important to be mindful of putting your food and drinks in the right places. Be mindful not to put meats and other frozen goods along with vegetables and fruits to avoid contamination. Separate those drinks that are for your kids like milk or juice to beer and other alcoholic drinks. Putting things in their right places could also give you more space for other goods and also avoids the possibility of not seeing other stuff that can eventually expire or rot.   

Use containers and label them.

Using containers is a good way to keep your fridge organized because containers are a good way to save up some space. You can use recyclable plastic containers because it can last for a long time and can just be easily washed anytime. It is also important to put labels on your containers. Labels help you easily see the items that you need and spares you with the hassle of opening up all of the other containers just to find the items that you are looking for.   

Be mindful of the expiration.

Do not forget that all the perishables on the fridge have their due date, so better to consume them before they expire. It helps to check the items from time to time for you to see what needs to be thrown out. This is important because it can be dangerous for you and your family to consume expired goods. Check the labels for the expiration date. Although frozen items such as fish, chicken, beef, and other meats may last for quite a time once kept frozen, however, you still need to check whether these things are already smelling bad. If so, consider throwing those away. It is important to be mindful of the expiration because this will prevent you from wasting so much food. Throwing out the expired items makes more space for other stuff that should be put in the fridge, however, we do not want to waste much food from time to time.   

Check your fridge from time to time.

Go check your fridge now and then, so that you will know if there are any expired goods or whether you might need to do a clean-up. Check if it is already smelling bad. The smell is one of the indicators whether your fridge needs some cleanup or not, or if there are items that need to be thrown away. It is important to keep your fridge clean because what’s inside it are foods and drinks. So better check it from time to time.   


It’s always good to get wisdom on how to organize your fridge so that it will not be cluttered as it was before. It is always great to have an organized fridge which is good to look at and beneficial for your household. Remember that the fridge is where we keep our food and drinks which we need every day. Now, go organize your fridge because you have learned some tips on how to organize it.

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