Tips on Pursuing Passion Projects while at Home

  Passion Projects. There will surely be a point in our lives when we have a lot of free time. It could be during holidays, weekends, or even in a state of calamity like the COVID-19 crisis. As people who are working in different industries such as digital marketing company or home inspection company, we should think of how we can take advantage of the free time at home and grow in our skills, knowledge, and talents. How can growth still be constant in our professional skills, knowledge, and talents?    Just like what the quotation says, “There is no way but up!” The same goes for all of the working professionals. Growth is a must! Everyone needs to constantly grow and improve. It can only be attained by becoming intentional in the growth that all desires.    Right now, reflect on this: “How can I improve on myself so that I can be a better working professional?” The answer to that is pursuing a Passion Project. It is about doing what you are passionate about. For example, if you are passionate about digital marketing, you must pursue things that will help you become a better digital marketer.    This article will help you in pursuing passion projects that can help you grow and improve. Take the time to read this article!  

Listen to a Podcast

There are different podcasts online that you can listen to like TED Talks or other great motivational speakers that can help you grow as a working professional. Podcasts are usually found on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and many more. What’s amazing about it is that you can access everything for FREE! So there is no reason for you to slack off during the free time you have. The topics are wide-ranged from leadership, digital marketing, and many more.    Taking advantage of listening to podcasts can spark inspiration within you to sharpen yourself as an individual. To become a better teammate to your workmates and a better contributor to the company, you are employed in.    What are you waiting for? Go and listen to a podcast now!   

Read a Book

Are you a reader? Or do you want to challenge yourself to read and finish a book? For sure, you have books at home that you have forgotten to finish reading. It is a great time for you to get back in reading and learn something new.    Reading books can help you learn new words, skills, and insights that pertain to life. A book can be a good friend to you! It helps you to reflect on where you are now as a professional and how you can improve in your daily decision skills.    What you need to do is grab that book and take time to read! You will never regret it!  

Ask for Online Mentorings

Probably you know someone is an expert in his or her field and you want to learn what’s his or her secret behind the success. You can take the free time you have to ask for online mentoring to be able to get impartations and to learn the attitude that brought success to the person.    It takes humility to do this but the result is great because you will know what to do on your next steps as a working professional. Remember iron sharpens another iron!  

Start doing something.

You may have the skills and you want to continue honing these. It is time to do something. If you are a graphics designer, take the time to learn and design whatever you want. Do not slack off! Carry on! If you are a writer, you need to keep writing different articles or write-ups because it will help you become a better writer.    It is always better to start doing something, rather than doing nothing at all. Do not let your opportunity pass by. You have to be intentional in your growth.  


Passion projects help work individuals to learn and grow in their respective fields. What matters is that you have to start doing something to grow and be a better asset to your workmates or company. The ball is now on your hands!   

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