How to increase your productivity while working at home

Productivity. Most businesses have made decisions to allow their employees to work from home during this time of COVID-19 crisis. For most people who are now working at home, it is a struggle to adjust with the new normal we are in right now because it is something that we are not accustomed to. There are different hurdles that we might be facing right now and the most common is unproductivity.    “How can we increase our productivity while working at home?” This is probably the question that is running on our minds right now because our innate desire is to finish our workload with so much fulfillment, especially that we do not know yet when things will go back to normal.   Here are some productivity tips for everyone who wants to work better with so much passion and fulfillment:  

Set your mind the right way.

It is important to set your mind the right way because truth be told that it is way harder to work at home compared to working in an office setup. The most common reason for this is distractions. Left and right, there are distractions. It can be your children or other family members who can cause annoyance and distract you from the tasks you need to do.    How do you set your mind the right way? You can start by creating a working schedule to set your mind to do the tasks that you need to do during the day. It is important because all of us can easily be out of focus. It is crucial to put up a good fight in disciplining yourself in creating a work schedule and do a follow-through.    There are other helpful ways to set your mind the right way. You can put sticky notes in front of your magnetic board or in your notebook to remind you that you can do it. You can also post quotations to encourage you to be ready for the battle.   

Find a great place to work.

Grey Laptop on Black Wooden Desk Having a great place where you can focus on doing your job every day can help increase your productivity especially with this work from home set up, regardless if you have a small house or a big house. It can be your room or other isolated places at home where you can work without any distractions.    Having a great place allows you to do video calls with your teammates at work and talk with them without thinking of other people annoying you or passing behind you. A personal space for work is one great factor for you to work efficiently and it increases your work productivity.   

Take the needed breaks from work.

caffeine, cappuccino, coffee The purpose of taking breaks from work is for you to pause for a while and spare yourself from overworking. You need to be recharged. You can do that by eating some snacks and having maybe 10-20 minutes of talk with your family members. It helps a lot because it energizes you once you get back to your work mode.    There are other ways for you to take a break like drinking some coffee or walking around the house just to make yourself relaxed from work. You can also do some stretching to reduce muscle tension and help your blood circulation. These things will increase the productivity you need while working at home. The lesser the chances you will get burned out because of working at home.   

Always stay in communication with your team.

It is hard to be productive if you are not in communication with your team because you cannot accomplish the tasks without having conversations with them. This is why it is important to communicate with them throughout your work from home setup. Staying in communication with them allows you to be aligned to the goals of the team during the work from home setup and helps you to stay focused on the tasks you need to do. It is also an opportunity to get some help if you lose your way during the day.    Constantly talking with them can help you still build relationships with your team and bond with them despite the work from home set up. So don’t you ever miss the fun. Stay in communication with them.  


It is okay to make mistakes during your work from home setup. Remember that you are a work in progress. You can always bounce back from failing to being productive and being better. It is just a matter of not giving up. All of us are still adjusting to this new normal. You will get there throughout the journey that’s why it is important to give your best whether you are in the financial industry or the best home inspector in long island. Try these practical tips and stay productive!

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