How to Secure Your House From Threats?

How to secure your house from threats?
The home should be a secure and safe place for each one. It should be a place free from fear where every household member can be comfortable and secured. However, with the uncertain times that we are in today, sometimes even our homes are not safe and secured from outside threats. The cases of housebreaks are continually rising. Burglars are not just taking away our valuables but are even taking away lives.  Indeed, we do not want to feel anxious even in our own homes. Instead, we want our home to be that safe and secured place. But how can we do that? More than just locking our doors and windows, how can we all more secure our homes from outside threats?  

Strengthen Your Exterior Door

Strengthen Your Exterior Door Whether you believe it or not, data of Bureau of Justice shows that 34% of burglars have reportedly entered the house through the front door. That data is much higher compared to the 22% who reportedly entered through the back door. It’s kind of alarming to think how threats can quickly enter the house through the front door itself. It is alarming how they can quickly turn the knob or kick the door open. This only shows that one of the things we can do to increase our home’s security is to strengthen our exterior doors. You can replace the short screws with 3-in. or longer ones to give your doors more resistance. This will buy you time to call the police whenever you hear alarming noises from your front or back doors.  

Invest in Window Locks

secure your home with window locks You can increase security by reconstructing your windows. In addition, you can install window locks to tighten the security of your homes. There are a lot of locks available to choose from for all kinds of windows. Just see what will work best for the type of windows that your home has. With this, the burglars will have a hard time entering your home through the windows.  

Secure Your House by Installing Sensors

Secure Your House by Installing Sensors With the advancement of technology, you can provide more security for your home. You can invest in installing sensors that can alarm whenever intruders are coming into your home. There are affordable yet effective sensor alarms that are available for installation. There are motion sensor alarms that can detect motion around your home or workspace. Some devices use infrared or microwave radar technology that can detect movement throughout the house. There are many sensor alarms that you can choose from depending on the needs of your home and your budget.  

Set up Security Cameras

Set up Security Cameras Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras allow you to see what’s happening within your perimeter. It gives you access to see what’s happening in different areas of the home. Aside from that, this acts as a significant deterrent to burglars. Installing security cameras makes it easier to detect if there’s a threat around or coming into the house. In worst-case scenarios, these CCTV cameras can help you quickly identify intruders, making the investigation easier for the authorities.  

Trim Overgrown Shrubs and Bushes 

trim Trim Overgrown Shrubs and Bushes  Overgrown shrubs and bushes around your home can be an easy cover for intruders. It could be a potential hiding spot; that is why those shrubs and bushes should be trimmed down from time to time. The less opportunity for burglars to take cover, the more likely they’ll be caught in the act or deterred from even trying to break in  

Key Takeaway

Secure your home now from threats that will try to put your whole household at risk. The best time to do it is now. Increase your security at home by doing something to protect your home—apply the tips from this article.

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