What Does a Home Inspector Do?

What does a home inspector do?
Let’s talk about what a home inspector do.   Home inspectors cover more than we know. They do a lot of groundwork and cover every reasonable, visible inch of the home. They look into the homes and evaluate them from top to bottom. They make sure also to cover and not miss out on any essential parts both in the exterior and interior. Finally, they go through every inch of your home to make sure if any home issues might cause any harm to the people living in it.  Finally, they record every significant finding, compiled in a written report for the real estate agent or another client. Again, it is a crucial job that requires professional training. Definitely, not everyone can do what a home inspector does.  

What a Home Inspector Isn’t

There are a lot of misconceptions about what really is the job of a home inspector. They are often confused as building code inspectors, which they are not.  Code inspectors determine whether the property meets the current local code, while home inspectors look for issues that could cause the homeowner’s safety or usability problems. Home inspectors might offer an opinion if he sees a code issue that homeowners definitely need to know about. However, questions regarding local code should be directed to code inspectors, not to your home inspectors. It is essential to set these boundaries and ask appropriate questions to appropriate people to get the proper answers.   

What Does a Home Inspector Inspect?

Home inspectors cover almost every element in and around the house, including other structures on the property. They cover for inspection the roofing, full exteriors and interiors, structural elements, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, and all the components of these. They even conduct mold inspection, radon inspection, and other kinds of inspections to make sure that the home is free from anything that can cause safety and health hazards. For a more thorough job, home inspectors usually begin with inspecting the outside of the property. First, they will walk around and see the exterior of the home. Next, they focus on the roof and see if it has any significant damage or a need for replacement. Then they inspect the garage before finally going inside the home.  In inspecting the interior, the home inspectors usually start at the top, including the attic, then work down through checking floors, walls, plumbing, stairs, and other elements until they reach the basement or crawlspace. This approach to home inspection is called the “Outside-In, Top-Down” approach. This is very helpful in ensuring that no details are being missed out on both outside and inside the home.  

How Long Does It Take To Become a Home Inspector?

Becoming a certified home inspector doesn’t take that much time but depends on where you live or plan to work. In most states, certification training can be completed online through a state-approved school such as Inspection Certification Associates.  However, there are few states which require both classroom training and field experience. This is why it is better to check the state licensing requirements in your area before proceeding to become a home inspector.  

Key Takeaway

home inspector checking It is excellent to know what home inspectors do and what they do not do to set our expectations in the right way. You can talk to us if you want to know what The Inspection Boys can do for your home inspection needs.

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