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Got Mold Problems at Home?

Do you have any idea that mold can pose a severe problem? Or are you aware of the areas where mold can thrive the most in your home? If you are not yet aware, it is about time to know how mold can pose a problem to you and your family. 

Mold can be dangerous if not dealt with properly because it is a fungus that grows on different surfaces. Mold thrives in warm, damp, humid places–these places could be leaky roofs, pipes, and windows. Minimal amounts of mold are not usually harmful, but once it lands in a damp spot, it can grow and become more invasive.

How can dangerous mold be?

Mold can negatively impact anyone’s indoor air quality. Some of its particles can be airborne, thus, affecting the quality of air at home. The presence of mold in your homes can be detrimental to everyone’s health, especially with the respiratory system. Your family should call for a mold assessment to ensure that the mold does not affect indoor air quality. 

Aside from its adverse health effects, mold overtime can destroy properties. Both your household and your property can be victims of mold. Do not wait any longer for you to experience how dangerous mold can be. You can still do something about it, and that starts with having your home inspected for any mold by a licensed and trained Mold Assessor. Now is the right time!

How does mold inspection work? 


Usually, a mold assessor will set a schedule with you to survey the home you have. There will be different questions asked by the mold assessor regarding your house. The mold assessor will survey to help the one performing the mold assessment know what to expect in your house, and it is helpful in the mold inspection process. Let the mold inspector know which areas can be a hotspot for molds to grow, such as locations with poor ventilation, water leakage, and other hotspot areas. 

Physical Assessment

A mold assessor will do a visual inspection in different locations of your house after surveying with you. This visual inspection that the mold assessor will conduct helps them know which areas are susceptible to molds to grow. Take note that the mold assessor will run some tests to see the temperature and humidity level. 

Run some test

The mold assessor will run different tests using the sample mold from your house to study further and get results. The purpose of running various lab tests is to help the mold assessor see your home’s status whether your family is at risk with mold problems. 

Summary Report

There will be a summary report that the mold assessor will give you after the mold inspection to help you know the mold status in your house and the suggested actions plan you may take. This summary report is a way to help you deal with the mold problem at home! 


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Why should you call The Inspection Boys for mold assessment? Be assured that our team is an expert in mold identification, trained, and has the testing equipment to determine if mold is present when not visually seen. Our assessment includes lab work to accurately assess the mold in your homes. The mold inspection services of The Inspection Boys can help determine the presence and the type of mold that is spreading in your homes. The Inspection Boys is the best team that can help you with your mold problems at home through the mold assessment service that we have.

With our years of experience and training for mold assessment, you can depend on the Inspection Boys especially if you are around Long Island or other places like Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester, Staten Island, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties.

Whether you are to sell or not to sell your house, it is about time to give us a call. We are more than stoked to serve you and help you find out any places at your home that can be exposed to mold.

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