What to do during a home inspection?

What to do during a home inspection

What do you need to do during a home inspection?

A home inspection is one of the best ways to defend yourself from any nightmare that comes after purchasing the house. It is one of the best ways to see how’s the home you are about to buy or, for the sellers, how’s the house you are selling. Furthermore, it is crucial to know what you need to know about inspection process, especially during a home inspection. It would be hard for you NOT to learn anything because you may miss a lot from the home inspection experience if you do not know what to EXPECT. YOU should know what to do during an inspection, especially as someone who availed of the inspection services.   Let’s go on and see what you should do during a home inspection!  First things first: Do your research. It is essential first to research which home inspection company you will get to do a home inspection during the home purchasing process. Do you know why? It’s because you need to get a home inspection company with the license and training in assessing homes. Don’t ever put your trust in a nobody! Honestly, it is hard to waste hard-earned money. Reliability is vital. How can you check the credibility of the inspection company? 
  • Check their online reviews.
  • See their reports.
  • Check if the home inspection company has excellent qualifications like the licenses they have, their training throughout the years, and many more. 
The next step you need to do after researching the right home inspection company for you is to call them right away and book a home inspection appointment. 

Important things to do during the home inspection

Being hands-on with the process is essential. It is a must to attend the inspection to see how the process works. It is good to see the problems first hand and to have your inspector walk you through it even during the inspection. Besides learning the potential issues that your future home could have, attending the inspection will guide you to your potential home’s systems and appliances. It is a great way to learn how to operate the system and the maintenance it needs.

Ask questions during a home inspectionAsk the right questions. 

During the home inspection process, it is essential to ask questions that can help you understand the home’s real condition that you are planning to purchase. Home inspectors should be able to tell you the actual state of the house without any biases. You can ask questions such as:
  • How bad is it?
  • How do we fix that?
  • What should we fix first?
  You need to ask questions that would draw you to understand the house’s problems and issues. Aside from that, questions that could help you understand the home’s solutions to be fixed. As inspectors, they should give professional opinions and suggest some quick fix and action plans. The inspectors should be honest with their views regardless of how bad the house’s issues could be. Asking the right questions can help you draw out the information that you needed to decide whether to purchase the home or not.

Get pictures of the home inspection.

During the inspection, there are areas in the house that only the professionals can navigate or inspect. However, that should not stop you from being fully aware of the real condition of the house. This is where pictures can be helpful. As a client, you can demand from your home inspector pictures of potential problems in areas such as the attic, roof, and crawl space. Pictures can help you see the issues for yourself and understand the fixing that those areas need. Asking for photos of those areas from your inspectors is very much advisable. The inspectors have gadgets, such as infrared and thermal cameras, that can picture what it is like behind the walls and floors without ripping anything. 

Cooperate with the home inspector.Cooperate with the home inspector.

As much as possible, be cooperative with the home inspector because he or she may need your assistance during the home inspection. As the owner of the house, you know the place better than others. Your help towards the home inspector will go a long way, and it will help the whole inspection become successful. 

Now think about this.

Having the right preparation and knowledge will help you to be ready when the home inspection comes. It will help you know what you need to expect and do during the home inspection. There is better coordination between you and the home inspectors assigned to do the home inspection because of the knowledge and preparation you have for the home inspection.

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