Different DIY Christmas Card Ideas to do this 2020!

DIY Christmas Card Ideas
Do you love receiving Christmas cards during the Christmas season? Well, most of us do! Even in the age of technology, a written Christmas card makes the difference. Receiving Christmas cards would remind us how appreciated we are. On the other hand, giving Christmas cards allows you to express your thoughts and appreciation towards the people you are giving it this Christmas season, after all, DIY Christmas projects are done with creativity!  Instead of buying Christmas cards from a store, why not create your own DIY Christmas cards? It will allow you to be creative and resourceful with what you have at home. Receiving a DIY Christmas card is personal, and the effort put into it makes it more special.  If you think you lack creativity, do not worry. Here are some easy DIY Christmas card ideas that you can make this Christmas season:  

Paper Wreath Card

Paper Wreath Card (source: www.pinterest.com) Bring out your white cardstock, some colorful gift wrappers or colorful papers, glitters, scissors, and glue. Get a white cardstock and cut a ring that will serve as the base of the wreath you will be doing. Then cut circles of different sizes out of those colorful gift wrappers or papers. You can cut seven large circles, seven medium circles, and seven small circles. Arrange the circles around your base. You can start by arranging and gluing the large circle first and then putting it in the medium circles. You can then fill in the gaps with the small circles. After you’ve created your wreath, you can then glue it in front of white cardstock. Then be creative and put some glitters to make your design more Christmasy.   

Scrapbook Paper Tree Card

Scrapbook Paper Tree Card (source: www.pinterest.com) A scrapbook paper will make an excellent design for your Christmas card. Bring out some leftover scrapbook paper. If possible, use paper with any shade of green. Cut a Christmas tree pattern and trace it on your scrapbook paper. Cut Christmas trees of different sizes, depending on how you want your Christmas card to look like. Bring out your white cardstock, then glue the Christmas tree cutouts in front of the card. You can arrange it based on your preference. You can add some glitters to make it look more festive.   

Washi Tape Tree Card

Washi Tape Tree Card (source: www.pinterest.com) This is super easy to do; you can make it in just 5 minutes. Bring out those colorful washi tapes that you have. You can use Christmas designed washi tapes, but using only the colorful ones is still good. Just cut five strips of tape, each one bigger than the last, and assemble to look like a Christmas tree in your white cardstock. You can add some accents like writing “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” using some calligraphy or glitter pen.  

Fingerprint Christmas Card

Fingerprint Christmas Card (source: www.pinterest.com) Put some personal touch on your Christmas card. In your white cardstock, form some Christmas designs using your fingerprints. You can use an office inkpad for fingerprinting or bring out some acrylic paint to color those fingers. I suggest using acrylic paint and using bright colors or Christmas colors to make it look more festive. You can form a Christmas tree, Christmas socks, snowman, or a wreath. Make it as colorful as possible. You can also add some glitters if you want some sparkle in your Christmas card.  

Recycled Pages Christmas Card

Recycled Pages Christmas Card (source: www.sumoftheirstories.com) If you want a more classy or vintage-looking Christmas card, this design is for you. Just bring out some junked books, then make some Christmas cut-outs. You can cut some Christmas tree or reindeer designs depending on what design you can think of.  Stick the design in front of your white cardstock. You can also use a decorative cardstock for a more colorful yet classy Christmas card. Make Christmas more memorable for your loved ones with these DIY cards. How your card looks like and the designs are essential. But what matters most, for sure, are the words you will be writing on that card. Write from the heart, and for sure, those who will receive those cards will genuinely appreciate it.  

Key Takeaway

Which of these DIY Christmas Card Ideas are you planning to do? Go ahead and make one with your family members. Indeed, the one who will receive the Christmas card you made will enjoy that!

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