How to make the holiday season extra-special with your pets?

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The holiday season could be a hectic season for everyone. We could forget that our furry friends are there waiting for some belly-rubbing and petting with everything that we need to do, like shopping, decorating, wrapping, cooking, and party-going. We tend to be busy doing many things for the holidays, and we tend to forget spending it with our precious pets.   How can we make time for them despite the season’s busyness, and how can we make the holidays extra special for them?    Here are some of the things that you can do to spend time with your furry friends this holiday season:  

Engage them with your fun holiday activities. 

Your furry friends will indeed have fun doing some Christmas shopping with you. Why not bring them to shop for some treats or dog food? Big pet stores allow leashed dogs inside their establishments. Your pet will indeed have fun as you shop for their Christmas gift together. Aside from that, you can also bring them as you visit your friends this holiday season. Besides, pets like dogs are mostly social animals and would love to see other friends.   

Go on walks and play together.

Yes, the holiday season could be hectic; however, do not forget that most dogs need some exercise. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, do not forget to take them on walks. You can try going out for evening walks to enjoy the bright and colorful Christmas decorations with your furry friend. The cold weather may not be suitable for long walks, so be sure to feel the weather outside before deciding to do so. You can also dress your dog in a warm dog sweater and some doggie socks to keep him warm and cozy.    Besides evening walks, you can also take your furry friend and have a shorter play session in the backyard or the park. Play some fetch for your pet to burn some excess calories.   

Join local community activities. 

You can search for some community activities nearby which you can join along with your pet. Many local animal shelters create fundraising activities or special holiday activities for animals complete with everything that your pet loves— games, obstacle courses, treats, and even playrooms for animals like cats and rabbits. Some shelters organize fun walks that could help your pet socialize and, at the same time, stay active and healthy despite the busyness of the holidays.   

Organize a pet Christmas party

It could be fun to have other pets come over to your home. You can organize a pet Christmas party and invite your friends and their pets to go over and celebrate the holiday season together. Arrange some pet-friendly games and bring out more treats for everyone.   

Make lasting memories. 

For sure, you wanted to make the Christmas memories that you have with your pet to last longer. One way to do that is by taking Christmas pictures together. Your pet is a part of the family part that is why make them feel so as you include them in that family picture near the Christmas tree. You can take a picture while you are sitting in the park, watching the beautiful lights together or as you accompany them in doing some fun Christmas activity.   

Final Thoughts

Making the holiday season extra-special for our dogs and cats. The memories we create with our pets will surely be worth remembering for pet owners. Especially this Christmas season. Let us take advantage of the holiday season to make more memories with them by doing different activities with our pets

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