The Inspection Boys Live Interview With The Handsome Home Buyer, AKA Charles Weinraub, Long Island’s Largest Investor and Flipper!

It is another excellent interview video with Charles Weinraub, The Handsome Buyer, and a Long Island’s largest investor and flipper, brought to you by The Inspection Boys. In this video, Charles shared that he just recently finished his master’s degree. Charles has the heart of just growing, learning, and improving because for him every day is an opportunity to be better. It is true that we need to grow because the competition is everywhere and no one wants to be left behind. Brigitte and Charles talked about investing and flipping particularly Charles’ experience on how he started investing. He talked about how mentoring has helped him to be better at investing and how it molded him to be the investor he is today. He invested time and effort to learn about investments so that he can effectively invest. A man like Charles is a good reminder that good time management can open to so many good opportunities. He shared how he is able to manage his time well and how delegation of work to his teammates helped him to be more efficient as a professional. It is said during the interview that delegation of work is essential for all businesses because it helps everyone to keep moving towards the goal.    Just so you know that Charles is the hardest worker in the field he is in. He shared the importance of why everyone needs to work hard and excel in the field where each one of us is placed. It is a testament to what type of a man Charles is–a hard worker and someone with a great mind.    There were different topics that were covered during the interview such as dancing, a person’s race, and many more! Overall, it is an interview video made for everyone! Do not miss out because it will be an added value especially if you want to learn more about investing, business, and many more.    Time to watch the whole video for you to learn and apply everything you need so that you will flourish in life:
That’s it for today! The Inspection Boys hoped that you had fun watching the whole interview video. It was all made for you because you are valuable to us. We also would like to hear your side especially the things you have learned, or anything you want to share with regards to the video. You may do so in the comments section below!   We will be preparing more great content for you just continue tuning in to this blog site and witness so much more in the days to come! Believe us that we have so much in store for you!    That’s all! Thank you for watching the video!    Should you want to get more updates and stay connected with either Charles Weinraub or The Inspections Boys, go check out our social media pages, and we look forward to connecting with you:    Charles Weinraub: Facebook Page: Instagram Page: The Inspection Boys: Facebook Page: Instagram Page:

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