How to Make a Room Look Bigger and More Space?

how to make a room look bigger?
Ever wonder how you can make your limited space appear to be more spacious? There are clever interior design-inspired tricks that can help you with that. Color techniques, arrangement, and lighting can play an essential role in making your home appear more spacious.  Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your room look bigger:  

Choosing the Right Colors

right colors The color of the paint that you will use on your walls can make a difference. By applying some optical illusion, you can make your home appear more spacious. For example, light paint color can make your home look bigger and brighter. This is because it helps your wall to become more reflective and to maximize the natural light effect. In contrast, dark shades tend to absorb more light which makes the room feel smaller. To make your room feel more open and airy, you can use soft tones like off-white, shades of blue, and green. The brighter the room, the more it will make you feel more extensive and more inviting. Be sure to also paint your wall trim and moldings with colors lighter than your walls. This will give the illusion that your wall is farther back, making your room seem even bigger.  

Maximizing the Natural Lights

natural light Natural lights make your interior look larger. If possible, be sure to install larger windows to have more access to natural light. Larger windows connect your home with the outdoors, making your space look even bigger. You can use light-colored window coverings or pull them back ultimately to allow more natural light to come in. If your view isn’t that good, you can be a little more creative by adding some plants near your windows.  

Lessen the Clutter to Gain Space

lessen the clutter A tidy and organized room can look more spacious than one with a lot of clutter. But, on the other hand, putting a lot of stuff in can make your space feel more cramped. So, as much as possible, keep your things out of sight. Aside from that, you can neatly arrange your stuff by using organizers that can go well with the interior of your room.  Aside from that, too much stuff hanging on the walls can make your place look smaller. So as much as possible, do not cover your walls with too many paintings.  A clear floor can also do the job of making your room appear bigger. Remove large rugs because it will create the illusion of more floor space.  

Utilize Large Mirrors

large mirrors Mirrors do make your room look bigger. With the right angle, your mirrors can give you that illusion of depth, making your room appear bigger. Aside from that, mirrors also reflect lights which makes the room brighter. So whether in the morning, So, as where you can maximize the natural light or at night, where you can maximize artificial light, installing large mirrors effectively makes your room look bigger all day long.  

Get Creative With Furniture

furniture Choosing the right furniture for your limited space is very important. Avoid putting in large furniture with little space because it will make your room feel suffocating. If possible, scale your furniture to fit the size of your room. Larger furniture like cabinets should be placed against the walls to avoid blocking pathways and give way for open space. Maximizing multifunctional furniture can also be a clever way to create more space for storage. For example, some sofas can be used as storage or chests that can be used as coffee tables. Just be creative and look for the furniture that will match your space.  

Key Takeaway

It is time now to make your look bigger with these tips we gave you. It is always great to see a bigger room by doing some room hacks. Contact us at The Inspection Boys for more info.

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