How to Prepare For Virtual Meetings?

How to prepare for virtual meetings?
Virtual meetings are now a trend because most people are now working at home due to the COVID-19 crisis. It is a new normal because most people are used to having physical meetings in the office, coffee shops, etc. It could be a challenge for all of us right now because most of us are not used to it. So, here are some tips for you to find the rhythm and work effectively at home.   

Prepare Physically

Virtual meetings may last for hours depending on the agenda of the meeting. Sitting in front of your screen for hours could be tiring, thus, a lot of people are having media fatigue. This is the reason why you must prepare physically. Be sure to take a bath before the grind starts. Taking a bath could help you be freshened up and not fall asleep during the meeting. It refreshes you not just physically, but even mentally. Remember that with a fresh mind comes fresh ideas, so don’t forget to take some time to bathe before the meeting starts. Aside from taking a bath, one should also take some time to choose proper clothing. Be sure to wear appropriate, at the same time comfortable clothes, while working at home. No need for a complete office to get up, just a semi-formal top will do.  Another thing that could help you prepare physically is taking a proper meal. Remember that your meetings may last for hours and it could be tiring. Eating the right meal before your meeting could help you be energized and last in those long hours of meeting. If your employer allows you to take some breaks in between meetings, be sure to prepare your snacks on the sides for you to easily grab. Breaks usually last only for a few minutes and you don’t want to waste that time preparing. So better to prepare your snacks ahead.   

Find a Personal Space

Being in the work from home set up could be stressful if you do not have your own space. You may have seen funny work from home videos on the internet where someone naked passes by during a virtual meeting or even cats fighting on the background during a piece of national television news. Those videos could be funny but for sure you do not want that to happen to you. That is why finding your personal space could be of help.  Be sure to find even just a little space at home where you can set up a table and your comfortable chair. Better if you place your device near the window for you to have some natural lighting. Also, make sure not to have a door in the background if you do not want people walking in your background. Be sure that the pets are also out or away from your working space to avoid unnecessary noise in the background.  You may consider doing some home improvement projects, in order for you to have a personal space for your virtual meetings.   

Inform the People at Home

Your work from home set up may also be an adjustment to the people that you are with at home. Having all of those virtual meetings could also be uncomfortable with the people at home. This is the reason why they need to be informed. Your family, especially if you have children, have this mindset that if you are at home means that you are not working and they can just play with you. However, with the current set up they might find it hard to understand why you need to face your screen for long hours and not interact with them. So before attending all of those virtual meetings, you need to first inform them that you are in work mode for that certain number of hours. With this, they can understand better and they can adjust. When they see you in front of your screen talking with someone they know that they should not disturb you nor make some unnecessary noises.   


Virtual meetings could be exhausting given that we are used to facing to face interaction. With our current situation, we don’t have any choice but to adjust on how to do things, especially our meetings. These tips mentioned above could be of help especially in preparing for our virtual meetings. So go ahead and prepare yourself physically, look for that personal space at home where you can work effectively, and inform the people at home that this is what you are going to do at least for this season. It is challenging but for sure you will eventually find the rhythm of working from home. 

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