What’s Trending in Kitchens for 2022?

The kitchen is the focal point of the home especially during the pandemic because it  is where family and loved ones always gather and bond together. This is where work, entertainment, and of course cooking happens. Homeowners are putting more into their kitchen space nowadays. Refrigerators are larger, most kitchens now have ovens, freezers, and even second dishwashers.   Homeowners are making more time cooking especially during the pandemic. As they spend more time in the kitchen, many realize that they need some upgrade. Those who can afford to do so spend at least $100,000 on kitchen upgrades. However, you do not have to pay that much to get the kitchen you love. Much smaller, less costly improvements can be made to achieve a more appealing kitchen.  

Nature-Inspired Colors

Kitchen colors are changing. People are going out of the box and trying a more colorful touch for their kitchen. Although white is still a popular choice, additional color and warmth becomes a trend nowadays. Medium green cabinetry is becoming popular, along with quartzite countertops and backsplashes. Green makes us feel like we are surrounded with natural materials. Nature- inspired shades and texture in places like cabinetry, appliances, and hoods can be calming that is why many are opting to give their kitchen a nature-inspired touch.   In addition to color, wood veneers are also becoming a trend. Wood veneers give your kitchen that warmer aesthetic. Because of wood veneers, some cabinets depend on a touch latch to open and a button to close. Most no longer require hardware, but those which do use a variety of metals including gold, champagne, matte black, and rubbed oil bronze. These warm brown and taupe tones give your kitchen an outdoor vibe.  

Aesthetic Lighting

Lighting is also an important factor to make your kitchen even more appealing. New lighting options are already available to make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing. Lights can be used not just to make your kitchen well-lit but also for decorative purposes. You can now use lighting to outline room features such as floor toe kicks, cabinets, and backsplashes.  

Simpler but Varied Cabinets

European-inspired designs are now a trend in kitchen cabinets. These designs are much simpler. It is  modular, frameless, however, it uses hidden hinges to maximize storage space in your kitchen. It has a simpler and modern design that helps you maximize your kitchen space.   

Appliance Choice

A lot of people are becoming more health conscious especially during the pandemic. Many want to cook healthier food and the appliances used for cooking really does matter. Many homeowners consider a steam oven because it allows healthy cooking. Steam, convection, and combi-steam cooking unit allows optimal vitamin retention and flavor.    Smart appliances are also a trend nowadays because it makes life easier. These appliances can be paired with a smartphone via download apps. Many homeowners invest in a smart refrigerator which has the capacity to alert the homeowners when they are low on items. Aside from smart refrigerators, there are also smart ovens that can be turned on via an app. It can be preheated even if the homeowner isn’t home yet. These smart appliances do not just make life easier but give the kitchen a modern touch.  

Key Takeaway

These trends will help you know what is good for your kitchen. These are all for you as a homeowner.   

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