Which House Do You Want: A Big One or a Small One?

Owning a big house is probably a dream for other people. Imagine going home to a place with so much space, a place without restrictions, a place with a big front yard, or a place with a pool area. However, some still prefer to live in a small and simple home.   

Big Home vs. Small Home: Why?

Choosing between a house and a small house can be based on many factors. One main factor that you should consider is your budget. For many people, owning a bigger home requires a bigger budget for construction and maintenance   Another factor is the need. Why do you need a home that big? Is it a need, or do you want to show off and have a huge kitchen and a great expensive room? On the other hand, is living in a small home enough, or do you need an upgrade because your family is growing?   Often, you’ll see homeowners with a room that is simply abandoned. Some use the extra room for storage, but it remains empty for some. However, if you plan to expand your family in the future, having an extra room can be a wise decision.    However, you have to remember that both big and small houses have their own share of advantages and disadvantages.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Big House

The most obvious advantage of a big house is space. With the space available, you have more room to do the things you want to do with your home. You can have your office room; you can build a large kitchen and a space for everyone to enjoy their interest. Your children can have their room, and everyone can enjoy their privacy. Aside from that, an extensive home has ample storage space and most have modern updates and designs.   However, the most apparent disadvantage of a big house is still its big space. Since the space is bigger, it can cause the family not to be able to bond with one another. Since everyone has their own private and personal space, it could cause the family members to have less time or no longer interact with one another.    Aside from this, since the space is bigger, more areas will need to be maintained. And since most of the bigger houses are more modern in terms of design, the materials for repair can be more costly in the long run. So if you plan to own a big house, be sure that you are financially ready for the maintenance and future repairs.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Small House

Some people do not see the need for a big house and are content with the space a small house can give. However, small houses have three distinct advantages.
  • More time spent together as a family
  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • Less wasted space
Smaller houses are easier to maintain and are cost-efficient. In addition, the electrical bills are lower because lesser appliances are needed for the home to be functional and, at the same time, cozy.    These advantages are huge, but owning a small home can be a disadvantage. Small space is difficult to upgrade. Having additional rooms or building a bigger kitchen and dining area is difficult. Some growing families will have to put their home on the listing and try to find a new property that will have enough space.   It’s common to dream about living in a big home, but when it comes down to it, you have to ask yourself whether you’ll use all that space while evaluating the home. Also, consider the challenges of a small house before you try to squeeze into 1000 square feet with a family of four. You do not want to feel the discontent of realizing that a home is too big or too small after you move in. 

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