10 Secrets Home Inspectors Won’t Tell You

Home Inspection is a crucial process in both home buying and selling. It gives you an overall picture of the real condition of the house, which is very helpful especially during the negotiation process. But did you know that there are some secrets that home inspectors won’t tell you? So if you are thinking about hiring a home inspector, you might want to look at these 10 little-known secrets:  

Don’t Find a Home Inspector Through Your Real Estate Agent.

The agent’s main goal is to close a deal with you as quickly as possible. That is why, most of them will pitch inspectors who will find few problems. If you are looking for a home inspector to hire, it is wiser to ask some of your friends or family members for recommendations. You can also do your own research and look through the home inspector companies’ websites. You can look at their previous customers’ reviews and see if they achieved customer satisfaction. The most important thing is that you look for documents to ensure that the inspectors are trained and licensed. The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) are the three big organizations that will ensure that the home inspector is licensed.  

Home Inspectors Spend at Least Two Hours at the House. 

Home inspection should last for at least two hours.  If your home inspector doesn’t spend at least two hours checking the house, they are called a drive-by inspector, and you’re not getting your money’s worth. A home inspector should thoroughly check the home, including the crawl space, open the breaker box, and walk the roof.   

Home Inspectors Will Not Tell You Not to Buy a House.

Home inspectors are just there to help you see the real condition of the house. They will never tell you whether or not to buy the property because they are not supposed to give you real estate advice. However, as a home buyer, you should learn to read between the lines. If the home inspector tells you that the house has a lot of major issues, then be ready to rethink buying the property, or at least be prepared to spend a lot of money for the fixes.  

Ask for a Sample Report.

A sample report will help you assess what kind of home inspector you are hiring that is why it is important to ask for one. See if the sample reports made by that home inspector are detailed enough. See if it includes digital pictures and the estimated repair costs or not.   

Even Brand-New Homes Should Be Inspected.

Home inspectors are aware that even brand-new homes have issues. They are aware of the fact that brand new homes can have issues such as leaks, electrical issues, improperly installed washing machines, and even clogged pipes because the tile guy cleaned his tools in the sink. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in hiring a home inspector for a brand-new home.  

If You Are a Seller, Have the House Inspected Before Putting It on the Market.

Doing so will ensure a smooth process for every home seller. Working with a home inspector ahead of time can help you see the repairs needed to be done in the house. It will give you time to find a reasonably priced contractor or you can even have the time to make repairs for yourself. This will give you an advantage especially during the negotiation process.  

Beware of Roof and Foundation Issues.

A home inspector will most likely find issues no matter how good the home may look like on the outside. There are minor issues that can be negotiable. However, there are issues that you should be particular with such as the roof and foundation issues. In fact, these types of issues can stop the sales fast because it will take a lot of money to fix these issues.  

Make Sure to Be Present During the Inspection.

If your inspector doesn’t want you to be present during the inspection, that is a red flag. Usually inspectors will encourage their clients to be there during the inspection so that they can discuss with you what they find.   

Sellers Are Under No Obligation to Fix Anything.

A lot of buyers may assume that it is the seller’s responsibility to fix the problems or to lower the price, however, sellers are not obliged to fix anything. At the end of the day, it is up for the buyer whether or not they will go ahead with the sale.  

Hire the “Deal Killer”

If the realtor will tell you not to hire a certain home inspector because he is a “deal killer”, do not listen. In fact that could be the best reason to hire that home inspector. It only goes to show that the home inspector is honest enough to report if the house has tons of problems and that will surely benefit you as the buyer. 

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