Which One to Choose: A Big House or a Small House?

Those people who are dreaming of getting a house someday could come to a point of having some crossroads in deciding if they should have a big house or a small house. So when it comes to buying a house, what are the pros and cons of choosing between a big house or a small house? The goal of this article is to help you decide whether you need to get a big house or probably can settle with a small house.


Let us begin checking out the pros and cons of owning a big house or a small house.


Big House

Owning a big house is like a dream come true for everyone who worked hard for it. You can’t deny the fact that owning a big house can make you feel living like royalty or maybe feel like winning the lotto jackpot. Regardless of what it feels like, it will always be the best feeling in the world when you get the big house that you have been dreaming of.


Getting a big house has pros in it. Let’s talk about it!

  • There’s a lot of things you can do when you have a big house. You can have a lot of rooms and turn them for different specific purposes like a home theater, a library room, a guest room, a master’s bedroom, and many more. Name it! It depends on how you imagine and desire each room to be.
  • It’s good for parties, reunions, and other types of gatherings. If you are the type of person who loves to invite people, then having a big house is for you. The only thing you need to think of is the activities and food you need to prepare, without worrying if you could ever accommodate a big number of guests.
  • It is always for future purposes like you will never know whether your family might grow in number or probably you can use some space in your big house and turn it into an office. Well, that depends on you!

You can never overlook the cons of owning a big house because there are costs in owning one. Time to take a look into it!

  • You will need to take responsibility for the bills that come along owning a big house. A big house means a higher water bill, electric bill, and other bills that you need to pay. It can cost you a lot of dollars because with a big house comes big responsibility.
  • The other con is the maintenance. You need to maintain the cleanliness of a big house, retain its painting, or when the roof has leaks you need to take time to fix it. It will take so much of your time and effort because maintaining a big house is a huge task.
  • Having a big house can be unnecessary for a small family or for someone who lives alone. It’s hard to imagine yourself thinking about what to do with the huge space you have.

Getting a big house can be a dream come true for some, but it is not the answer nor an indicator of having a better life. However, what you need to do is to take time to consider if you need to buy a big house, and talk to the right people if ever you will be in the position of buying a house someday.


Small House

Getting a small house can be a problem solver for everyone who wants to have a simple life. It’s wonderful to have a small house without worrying about paying expensive bills (just like those who have a big house and pay a lot of cash).


Let’s dig deeper into the pros that come with owning a small house.

  • A small house is manageable. It is easier to decorate and manage the furniture and appliances you have. You do not need to spend a lot of dollars just to decorate your house. All you need is creativity and a little time and effort. It can also make you rethink the appliances and furniture to buy because of the limited space that you have.
  • Lower bills to pay because you are just using everything for small consumption. When something needs to be fixed on your roof or other areas of your house, you do not need to pay a lot unlike when you have a big house. You don’t have to use as much electricity compared to having big houses. Isn’t that great for you to save a lot of money?
  • You will enjoy a simple house that will match the simple life you want. It will spare you from having a complex life. You have fewer things to worry about when you have a small house!

The other cons you need to take a look at before buying a small house.

  • There is a big possibility that you might outgrow your small house and someday you will be needing a bigger space for your future family members or other things in life. It’s hard to expand a small house and that is close to unthinkable especially if you’re owning a place with no extra space for expansion.
  • It is not ideal for reunions, parties, and other events because a small house can only accommodate a few people in it, unlike a big house that can accommodate big numbers.
  • You can only do as much with the limitations that come with a small house. You cannot buy different appliances or furniture that you might need because you only have limited space.

Come to think about it! A small house is great for everyone who wants to have a simple life with fewer worries on maintenance and bills. However, if you’re looking forward to growth in your family and accommodating many people, maybe you should rethink buying a small house.



Someday you will be in the position of buying your own house, and you need to consider different factors like the size of your house, finances, location, and many others, as you buy your own. What you need to do is to talk to the right people who can help you decide in buying a house that you can call home for a long time. You can consider Long island home inspectors to take a look at your desired house and do some home inspection for you which can take some stress off from you.

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