Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Home Inspection Company

In choosing a home inspection company, knowing how much they charge is not the only essential information you should know. It is vital to ask relevant questions to help you make an informed decision in choosing your home inspection company.   When you hire a home inspector, you hire a consultant to work on your behalf. You should look at experience, qualifications, communication, and interpersonal skills. These things vary widely from inspector to inspector.    Here are some of the questions that you can ask to evaluate a home inspection company better:  

Besides Your License, What Credentials and Certifications Do You Have?

Credentials are significant in hiring a home inspector. A home inspector should be a professional in the field and should actively pursue greater knowledge. Evidence such as advanced certifications is significant. Do not hesitate to ask for credentials. Advanced certifications, such as Certified Master Inspector, Level-I, II, or III––Thermographer, are excellent indicators.   

Do You Perform Home Inspections Full Time or Part Time, and How Many Paid Inspections Have You Performed?

You should be looking for full-time inspectors because it is difficult for an inspector to stay on top of their game if they do it part-time. While there’s nothing wrong with hiring new inspectors, it is still an advantage if you hire an experienced one because new inspectors will still have to face a long steep learning curve.   

How Many Inspections Do You Perform in a Day, and How Long Do You Expect to Be Present at the House You Are Inspecting for Me?

Do not expect those inspectors who perform three or more inspections in a day to hang around and answer many questions for you. Some of them may even not include many details in your report. It is better to find a home inspector who will cater you for a day. It is better through that; you can be assured that they will inspect your house thoroughly, answer questions and explain their findings in detail.  

Are You Comfortable With Me Attending Throughout the Inspection?

Be sure to hire an inspector who will welcome your presence during the inspection. The best inspectors are excellent teachers who can clearly explain a great deal about the house, including the systems and the components during the course of the inspection.  

How Long After the Inspection Should I Expect to Receive My Report?

A written report should be thorough and detailed. Inspectors should take time to perform research on non-mundane observations. Reports usually take several hours, sometimes as long as the actual on-site inspection, to prepare. So if the report is handed to you at the end of the inspection, expect that it is not going to have as much detail.  

May I See a Copy of Your Home Inspection Service Agreement?

It’s a red flag if the home inspection company cannot present a home inspection service agreement. When you review the agreement, you should expect to see some limitations of liability. Be sure to look for a fairly balanced agreement with a satisfaction guarantee.  

Would You Send Me a Copy of an Actual Inspection Report for a House Similar to Mine?

A home inspection company should be willing to send you a sample of an actual inspection report. The inspection report is proof of the inspection’s level of detail and thoroughness.  

How Much Will My Inspection Cost? What Services Are Included in the Basic Fee and What Services Cost Extra?

Compare the information you got from each home inspection company you have talked with. Evaluate which company offers the best possible service with the cost that you are willing to pay. The value of your investment is determined by the return, not by the smallness of the investment.  

Key Takeaway

It is good to ask the right questions as you evaluate the home inspection company you desire to inspect your house. You can ask The Inspection Boys if you have questions about the home inspection or how we do home inspections as a company.

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