Signs Your Home Could Have Safety Issues

Safety should be your number one priority whether you live in an apartment, condo, or single-family house. Your home should not only be in a safe environment but also be physically sound. However, sometimes there could be structural issues that can compromise your safety. That is why before you move in, it is ideal to have your home inspected by professionals to see if there are any underlying issues. Aside from that, you must maintain a regular maintenance regimen to ensure everything remains in good shape and avoid any home issues that can compromise your safety.   Structural issues could be challenging to detect, especially if you do not pay attention to some details in your home. Sometimes to be sure that your home is physically sound requires a professional consultation; however, there are key signs that can tell whether your house could have some structural issues. 


Cracks or crumbling can be bad news regardless if they show up in your wall, ceiling, foundation, or chimney. Cracks can be an indication of structural instability or uneven settling. Aside from that, cracks can signal significant and costly damage that can happen anytime in the future if left unchecked.    It is good to note that not all cracks are signs of structural instability. Sometimes, your painted walls may crack due to the changes in temperature and seasons. However, these superficial imperfections are not usually a reason to worry. What’s alarming are cracks that are more than a quarter of an inch wide or those cracks that grow over time. If you see these kinds of cracks on your wall, better have a professional check it to ensure that your home remains safe.  


Water infiltration is one of the major problems homeowners usually face. If you notice a leaky roof or pipes or regularly see puddles in your basement when it rains, it is better to have the issue inspected. Water leakages can damage your home’s structure over time. A leaky roof can become unstable as the water slowly removes the material that supports it. Aside from that, it can lead to other problems such as mold issues. If you see minor leakage, better repair it as early as possible to avoid costly and major repairs in the future.  

Uneven Finishes

Another thing that can eventually point to structural issues is the uneven finishes. Look through your home and see if some bulging floors or doors or windows are no more extended sit level in their frames. Door and window openings are vulnerable parts of your wall. These areas are often where the cracks and other problems are first seen.   

What to Do if You Spot an Issue?

Once you notice a problem with your home, such as cracks, leakages, or uneven finishes, it is better to have a professional evaluate the issue as soon as possible. You can do DIY remedies; however, DIYs do not always fix the problems. It is still better to consult professionals to see the depth of the damage. Professionals will assess the severe issues and advise you on how to deal with your home’s structural issues properly.  


Your home is one of your most significant investments. To avoid major and costly repairs, have yearly home maintenance. Keeping your home in tip-top shape doesn’t just maintain the value of your home but assures you that your home is a safe place to live. Do not ignore what seems to be a little problem because if left unchecked, these things can become more destructive over time and ultimately more costly to fix. Contact The Inspection Boys now. 

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