History of Home Inspection

history of home inspection
Home inspection has left a significant impact on different households that have been inspected by home inspectors. Through home inspection, both the buyer and the seller will have an idea of the house’s real condition, making the negotiation much easier. A home inspection allows the buyer to see whether the house is a wise buy. On the other hand, sellers will know what needs to be improved in the house, thus allowing him/them to sell the house at a much higher value. A home inspection is vital in both the house buying and selling process.  Right now, let us take a look at the history of home inspection and appreciate how it evolved throughout time. 

History of Home Inspection

Home inspections have gone a long road now. It all started in the early 1970s when the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) were formed. Both associations desire to help those who lack knowledge and expertise regarding home inspection; thus, they have later developed the first inspection Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice.  However, it was said that even during the 1960s, the home inspection industry was starting to take form. In the late 1960s, roughly five percent of the total number of homes purchased in the U. S. are undergoing home inspection. But today, the number has risen to 80% of all households are being inspected by licensed and trained home inspectors.  It was during 1975 when home inspection got organized. People used to buy houses without proper knowledge regarding the house’s vital areas such as the roofs, plumbing, electrical systems, appliances, heating and cooling systems, ventilation, structure, and even the foundation. So, to help the buying public and grab the opportunity to use their expertise, knowledgeable people came together to create the standards for a home inspection; thus, the home inspection associations were formed. 

Home Inspection’s Licensing Regulations 

Before, there was no such thing as home inspectors assessing different houses, but with the opportunity that home inspection has brought both to the inspectors and client, home inspection started to thrive. Later on, the states have regulated home inspection and began to pass home inspection licensing laws where home inspectors must comply with the licensing regulations and obtain a proper education.  Home inspectors need to comply with the Standard of Practice and uphold the Code of Ethics. It became a vital part of the real estate industry, and agents rely on the home inspectors more and more. Real estate agents work hand in hand with the home inspectors as they refer home inspection to their clients up until today.  As the industry grows, both the real estate agents, buyers, and sellers benefit from the home inspection. 

In the present

 Today, the home inspection is now a household name for all home buyers and sellers alike. Different types are covered in a home inspection, such as mold inspection, water quality inspection, asbestos inspection, roof inspection, and many other inspections. The wide variety of inspections are always good for all homeowners to fully know their house’s status. Also, Suppose you are a buyer, a seller, or an ordinary homeowner. In that case, a home inspection is something that you should invest in because history clearly shows how vital home inspection is.

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