How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean?

how to keep your kitchen clean?
  The kitchen could be one of the messiest parts of our home, especially if we don’t prioritize keeping it clean from time to time. If left uncleaned, the kitchen could be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can cause danger to our health. As we all know, food preparation happens in the kitchen. If left uncleaned, those germs and bacteria can easily contaminate our food that can cause harm to everyone in the family. Diarrhea, hepatitis, and food poisoning can be some of the possible effects of contaminated food.    Here are some tips for keeping your kitchen clean:  

Make It a Habit to Clean Up After Each Meal

Cleaning up the dining table and taking care of the dishes can be a tiring job to do. However, it is a must and an unavoidable task to do. That’s why it is essential to make it a habit to clean the dining table right away. Do not let the food spoil on your plates. The best way to do this is to delegate the task, mainly if the whole family eats together. Transfer the leftovers to a different container and be sure to place them inside the refrigerator. Put the used dishes in the kitchen sink or use the dishwasher if you have one. If you are manually washing the dishes, be sure to dry them before putting them back in their proper place.  

Be Sure That the Spills Are Cleaned Up

As you do meal preparation, spills are unavoidable. Sauces, oil, blood from meat and fishes— all of these could be a breeding ground for bacteria and can be an area for mold to thrive. So be sure to clean those spills up right away. Do not let it stain your kitchen tiles and countertop. Use a reliable kitchen cleaning agent to ensure that stains come off and bacteria and mold won’t thrive. Spills involving raw meat, especially chicken, can contaminate your food and kitchen with bacteria like salmonella. So be sure to clean it with disinfectant to avoid such bacterias.  

Kitchen Floor Is a Top Priority

Cooking ingredients, as well as crumbs, can fall from your countertop anytime. Spills can also be all over your kitchen floor without you knowing. If left uncleaned, it will not be an area where bacteria and mold can accumulate, but it can also attract rodents and other pests such as cockroaches. Be sure to make it a priority to mop your kitchen floor from time to time. Use clean water or cleaner if needed. And most importantly, keep it dry to avoid slipping hazards.  

Keep Everything Organized

By keeping everything organized, it is easier to avoid a mess in the kitchen. That is why it is essential to manage your cabinets as well as your refrigerator. By keeping your stocks organized, it is easy to see if items have passed their expiration date. It is also easy to see which items should already be thrown away and occupy much space in your cabinets and fridge. Organize where you put the canned and bottled goods, the drinks, the sauces, and even the perishables like fruit and vegetables. Be sure that the meat goes into the freezer. By organizing your kitchen cabinets and fridge, life gets less complicated, and there will be less mess in your kitchen.  

Key Takeaway

Always keep the kitchen clean so that the whole family can enjoy it whenever everyone plans to cook, bake, or do something in the kitchen. 

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