Different Types of Houses From Around the World

different types of houses
Ever wondered what houses look like in other countries? With the differences in location, culture, weather, and even the availability of materials needed for the house, the type of houses worldwide becomes unique. Here are some of the amazing homes all over the world:  

“Honai” Homes in Indonesia

houses in Indonesia A traditional home for the Papuans, Honai houses are made of wood with a conical roof made of straw or reeds. These traditional houses are often built on stilts to prevent them from getting wet as the location of these houses is mainly near the water’s edge.   

Ethiopian Traditional Houses

house in Ethiopia The most common traditional houses of Ethiopia are round thatched-roof huts. These traditional houses are unique because one of the materials used is animal dung. Ethiopian traditional houses are round and made of wooden strips covered with a sticky combination of wet soil, clay, sand, straw, and animal dung.   

Homes on Stilts in Bangladesh

houses on stilts in Bangladesh With more than 700 rivers flowing across Bangladesh, this country can easily get flooded. To avoid being flooded, houses are made out of bamboo and are built on stilts.   

Palm Frond Houses From Sri Lanka

house in Sri Lanka The traditional Sri Lankan homes are very simple. With the abundance of palm trees, people in the rural areas in Sri Lanka weave their homes out of palm fronds and sticks. The roofs are attached with palm leaves, and their walls are also made from woven palm leaves.  

Rural Homes Made of Mangrove and Eucalyptus in Ecuador

house in Ecuador With the abundance of mangroves and eucalyptus, most of the rural homes in Ecuador are made from these materials. They also used materials such as palm and bamboo.  

Tiny, Colorful Homes in Haiti

Haiti is known for natural disasters such as earthquakes and regular hurricanes. Since people can’t afford to build houses with solid foundations, people in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, built their homes very close to one another. The people even go the extra mile of painting these tiny houses with colorful paints, making the mountainous houses look vibrant.  

Houses to Withstand Volcanoes and Earthquakes in El Salvador

Known as the Land of Volcanoes, El Salvador often has volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. To withstand these natural disasters, rural houses in this small country are made of sand, clay, water, and straw and are often made with a large porch.  

Wood Homes to Keep Out the Cold in Peru

The highlands of Peru often reach a temperature below the freezing point. People in these areas make their homes out of materials they can find. They often use wood and build it as tightly as possible to keep the cold winds.  

Traditional Mud Houses From Togo

This narrow country located on Africa’s west coast, Togo, has beautiful beaches and lakes. Traditional houses in the countryside are made from mud plaster and bricks. Aside from that, the roofings are constructed with iron sheets.  

Key Takeaway

There are different types of houses around the world. One of man’s basic needs is a home. Regardless of how it looks or the materials needed, these homes serve as shelter for those living in it.

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