DIY Projects for Your Wall

DIY Projects for your wall
Does your wall look empty and want to put something just to make it livelier? These DIY Project ideas will put some life on your wall. Also, these DIY project ideas are great to do with your own family at home.   

String Nails Wood Art

String Nails Wood Art String nails wood art is one of the fun and creative decors that you can make at home. All you need is a piece of wood (the bigger, the better, but any size will do), strings (the color depends on your preference), nails, a hammer, paint (choose a color that can make the color of your string pop), and white paper.   Think of a shape that you want to do for your string nail wood art. You can do a heart shape, moon, flowers, or any shape that you prefer. Paint your piece of wood and let it dry. Meanwhile, you can start drawing your desired shape on your white paper, which will serve as a pattern for your nails.    Once the paint on your wood is dry, you can lay your white paper on top of it. Get your hammer out and start nailing around your outline with at least about an inch apart. Be sure to leave at least half of the length of the nail on the surface of your wood. Once you’re through with it, you can now remove the paper from the wood.    Now get your string and tie it on the head of one nail. Keep stringing the string around the nails. There’s no right or wrong way to do it as long as you’re enjoying it. Eventually, you’ll see adorable patterns created. Be sure to spring the outlines to make your shape all the more pop.    For sure, this string nail wood art can add to the aesthetic of your home.  

Decorative Shoe Box Shelves

Decorative Shoe Box Shelves You probably have some unused shoe boxes at home. You can use many things for those empty boxes, but did you know that you can turn them into decorative wall shelves? Yes! You will only be needing thick shoe boxes, spray paint, decorative papers, scissors, glue sticks, some screws, and screwdrivers.    First, cut your decorative papers according to the size of your shoe boxes. Be sure that it will perfectly fit inside of your boxes where it will be attached later. Meanwhile, set it aside as you spray some paint throughout your boxes. Be sure to cover any logos it may have. Once the paint is dry, attach your boxes to the wall using the screw. Arrange the boxes based on how you wanted it to look on your wall. You can screw it horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. Be sure to screw all the corners of the box to make it sturdier.    Once you’re done screwing the boxes on the wall, you can now glue the cut decorative papers inside your boxes. We wanted to hide those screws; that’s why we are gluing the paper right after we’ve attached it to the wall.   Now, you’re all set. You can now display some lightweight decors in those shoe box shelves.  

Old Pages Wallpaper

Old Pages Wallpaper Pages from old books can make a perfect, vintage-looking wallpaper. Making an old pages wallpaper is an excellent DIY project for the bookworms out there. You will only be needing some old pages from those books that you are no longer using, a gallon of white glue, and a paintbrush.    Be sure first to clean your wall. After doing so, you can apply the glue using your paintbrush. Randomly stick the old pages in the glued portion of the wall. Do it until you finish covering the wall with those old pages. Indeed, this will give a new vibe to your room or your house.  

Decorative Antiques

Decorative Antiques Do you have any antique pieces at home? It’s time to bring out those antique pieces and display them on your wall. These can surely add to the vintage vibe of your home. Instead of throwing them away, you are using your creativity to hang them on the wall. Isn’t it great to do this? Well, try looking for the antiques you may have left somewhere in your house and start hanging them. 

Key Takeaway 

These DIY Project ideas are enjoyable to do, right? Time to go and do this with your family members. It will not only make your wall beautiful, but it will also create bonding moments with your loved ones at home. While you do it with your family, it is an experience to cherish. 

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