How to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home?

Having good indoor air quality promotes good health within your household. Also, it will benefit your whole family from different risks that bad indoor air can bring. As we all know, the air is essential in life because we cannot live without it.


How do we improve our indoor air quality and make it suitable for everyone to breathe?


Improve Your Home’s Ventilation


Adequate ventilation is vital to keep the quality of the air inside your home. We often do activities at home that increase the number of air pollutants like cooking, using pesticides, using chemicals like home cleaners, and smoking. If your home has poor ventilation, these pollutants will continue to circulate, making your indoor air quality risky for you and your family’s health.

That is why it is crucial to improve your home’s ventilation. One of the best ways to reduce indoor air pollutants is to increase fresh air coming into your home. You can open your doors or windows and let the fresh air come inside your home, naturally eliminating the indoor air pollutants.


No Smoking Inside Your Home


One of the most common sources of indoor air pollutants is smoking. Smoking affects health, not just of the smoker but even the people around him/her. Secondhand smoke is hazardous, especially for children. Imagine the impact of smoking at home every day. If you smoke in your home every day, pollutants will continue to contaminate your indoor air posing a danger to everyone in the household. That is why it is crucial to make your home a strictly no-smoking zone. This is to protect especially the people that you are living with.


Put Indoor Plants To Freshen The Air.


Plants are one of the best indoor air purifiers. They naturally absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the atmosphere; thus, indoor plants will help keep your indoor air quality. And some plants are very suitable to be put indoors. Plants such as snake plants, monstera deliciosa, pothos, ZZ plant, and spider plants are low maintenance plants that can survive with low amounts of water and sunlight and are good air purifiers. It would be a great idea to grab some of these plants for your home.


Clean. Clean. Clean.


Air pollutants can be in many forms, and the most common form that we have at home is dust. Dust particles can accumulate in every area of your household and can saturate your air indoors. There is no other way to get rid of those accumulated dust but cleaning. Wiping the top of those cabinets and appliances, vacuuming your floor and your couch regularly, and cleaning your home can be a way to avoid excessive dust accumulation indoors.


Key Takeaway

Always make it a habit to prioritize the quality of your indoor air at home. It is still for the benefit of your whole household. Because without air, we cannot live life to the full. Now pursue life to the top at home by making your indoor air suitable for breathing.



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