How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean?

Kitchen Clean
As we all know, the kitchen is one of our home’s essential parts because this is where we prepare the food that we serve at our table. Since food preparation happens in the kitchen, it is crucial to keep it clean to avoid contamination. However, as we work in the kitchen, we can’t avoid the mess. If left uncleaned, your kitchen could be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can pose a danger to you and your family.   Here are some tips that can help you in keeping your kitchen clean:  


After enjoying a sumptuous meal, it could be a tiring job to clean up the dining table and to take care of the dishes. However, it is a MUST. No one will clean it for you, so as much as you enjoyed the food you ate, be sure to enjoy cleaning up after each meal. One of the best things that a family can do is to delegate the task. Yes, someone will do the cooking, and someone will do the cleaning! After each meal, be sure to clean the table. You can transfer the leftover to a different container and put the used dishes in the kitchen sink. You can use the dishwasher if you have one. However, if you manually do the dishwashing, be sure to thoroughly wash the utensils and keep it dry before putting it back in its proper place.  


Spills are unavoidable in the kitchen. However, be sure to clean the spill right away to avoid stubborn stains on your kitchen tiles or countertop. Aside from that, spills could be a breeding ground for bacteria and molds to thrive that can certainly pose a danger to your loved ones. Be sure to use a reliable cleaning agent as well. If the spill involves raw meat, be sure to clean it with a disinfectant to avoid contamination of bacteria, like salmonella, in your kitchen.   


The kitchen floor can be messy as you work in the kitchen. Spills can be all over your kitchen floor. Cooking ingredients and crumbs can fall from your countertop anytime. Those things, if left uncleaned, could be a place where bacteria and molds could accumulate. It could stick on your tiled floor and, even worse, can cause stubborn stains. That is why it is vital to keep it clean. Be sure to mop it with clean water and cleaner if needed. Be sure to keep it dry to avoid slipping hazards.  


One of the best ways to avoid the mess in your kitchen is to keep it organized. Be sure to organize what you put inside those cabinets and even in your refrigerator. Check the expiration dates of the items you have and throw away those items that need to be thrown away. Put in the fridge those items that need to be in the refrigerator. Organize where you put the canned and bottled goods, the drinks, the sauces, and even the perishables like fruit and vegetables. Be sure to put the meats in the freezer. By organizing stuff, you’ll know where to get the items that you need at the moment. It can be less hassle for you and less mess in the kitchen.  


Kitchen There’s no shortcut in keeping your kitchen clean and also make it a habit. You need to do it and do it regularly. Most of the mess and garbage that we have in our kitchen are perishable. There are leftover foods, vegetable peels, rotten fruits, expired goods that need to be taken care of right away to avoid further mess. Make it a habit to throw any form of garbage from your kitchen every day to prevent the foul smell. This will also prevent insects and rats from taking over your kitchen—one of the best ways you can also make it a habit to clean while you work. As you cook, make it a habit to clean your working area like the kitchen counter. Be sure to wash the dishes right away to keep them from piling up in the sink. Again, make it a habit!

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