DIY Ideas on How to Recycle Plastic Bottles to Reduce Pollution

DIY Ideas on How to Recycle Plastic Bottles
Plastic pollution could be one of the biggest threats to our environment today. It can take for up to 1000 years for plastic to decompose in landfills. It has been saturating the land and even the ocean, causing harm to humans and animals.   We may not be able to eradicate plastic, but we can do something to reduce plastic waste. In our little ways, we can help reduce the number of plastics that are going to waste.    In this article, we will be learning some of the things that we can do to upcycle one of the most common plastic pollution sources– plastic bottles. How many plastic bottles have you used this week or this month? For sure, we are all guilty of using plastic bottles. However, we can do something about it. There are many fun and creative DIY projects that we can do to upcycle those empty plastic bottles that you can try at home.  


VERTICAL GARDEN   Vertical gardening is perfect for those who have little space at home. But did you know that you can start a vertical garden out of those empty plastic bottles? Start gathering those empty plastic bottles for this DIY project. You will also be needing scissors, rope, garden soil, and seed/ seedlings of the plant that you want to grow. Herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme are perfect for this kind of gardening, as well as lettuces and even radish.   Find an area at home where you want to put up your vertical garden. Preferably a place at home that gets the most sun. The area in or near your window is perfect for those planning to do indoor vertical gardening. It is also crucial to choose those clear or lightly colored plastic bottles to penetrate the sunlight quickly.    After choosing where to set up your vertical garden, you can proceed in cutting those plastic bottles. There are a lot of ways to cut your plastic bottle for this project. You can cut a lengthwise opening, or cut the bottles into half, depending on how you want your vertical garden to look.    Drainage is essential to avoid overwatering. After cutting the bottles, be sure to put small holes throughout the bottom of the side, depending on whether your bottle will lay horizontal or vertical.    Don’t forget to put holes where you can attach your rope. After putting holes, you can now put your garden soil and plant those seeds or seedlings. You can connect the plastic bottles on top of one another using your rope. This arrangement will form a self- irrigation system, thus preventing the waste of water.  Just don’t forget to put enough space for the plants to grow. Then, you can tie it on your windows or wall.  


WATER SPRINKLER   Since we have been talking about gardening, this next project will be perfect for outdoor gardens. It is hard to water those outdoor plants without a sprinkler. So don’t throw those empty plastic bottles because those can be a perfect sprinkler for your outdoor plants.   There are a few creative ways to do this. You can grab a 2-liter plastic bottle. Poke small holes all over your bottle. After doing so, you can attach it to your hose using tape or a heavy-duty rubber band. Set it up in your garden, then viola! You now have your very own DIY sprinkler.    Plastic bottles with handles, like those used for detergents, can also be a perfect sprinkler to water your plants. First, you need to clean those plastic bottles to get rid of materials that can be harmful to plants like detergent. After doing so, you can poke small holes through the plastic cap. Aside from the plastic lid, drive a little hole in the handle of your bottle. Fill the plastic bottle with water, then close it using the holed cap.    You can then use it to sprinkle some water in your plants. The hole in the handle is a way to control the water coming out of your sprinkler. Go ahead and try it out!  


FLOWER VASE   There is so much beauty in seeing different plants whenever we get home from work or somewhere else. Also, the beauty of the pots or vases that carry those plants. Did you know that you can make your vases or pots out of recycled materials? Yes, you can! You no longer need to spend dollars to buy pots or vases outside. The best material to use is, of course, those empty plastic bottles.   To start, cut the plastic bottle crosswise. The length depends on how tall you want your vase to be. You can cut it in the middle or a little above the middle. Bring out those creative juices in designing your DIY flower vase. You can use paint to make it colorful. Paint your heart out. No rules! You just need to be creative. Aside from color, you can also use hemp ropes or bright cotton strings to cover the surface of your plastic vase for a better look. The design depends on how you want it to look.   After achieving your desired design, you can now put those flowers. You can fill it with water for your flowers to last longer. However, dried flowers are also perfect for your DIY vases. Before arranging those dried flowers, you can put some pebbles to add weight and for your vase to not be easily displaced. This DIY project is a perfect addition to your house’s interior and, indeed, a fun activity to do.  


Pursuing DIY projects such as recycling bottles for different purposes is such a fun thing, especially that it will require your creativity and efforts to do this. It will also benefit the environment because it will reduce the plastic bottles that go unused and harm our planet earth.

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